At the heart of the ruined city of Arcopolis is the Fortress. It's a brutal structure placed here by one of the sides in a devastating intergalactic war that's long ended. Fifteen years ago, the entire population of the planet was killed in an instant by the weapon housed deep in the heart of the Fortress. Now only the ghosts remain. The Doctor arrives, and determines to fight his way past the Fortress's automatic defences and put the weapon beyond use. But he soon discovers he's not the only person in Arcopolis. What is ...

Doctor Who: The Eyeless 2015, BBC Books, London

ISBN-13: 9781785940897

Mass-market paperback

Doctor Who: The Eyeless 2009, BBC Physical Audio, London

ISBN-13: 9781408426531

Abridged edition

Audiobook CD

Doctor Who: The Eyeless 2008, BBC Books, London

ISBN-13: 9781846075629