This comprehensive chart illustrates the following diseases: chronic pyelonephritis, multiple renal calculi, glomerulonephritis, acute renal failure, staghorn calculus, papillary necrosis, renovascular hypertension, renal artery stenosis, adenocarcinoma of kidney, transitional-cell carcinoma of renal pelvis, hydonephrosis, transitional-cell carcinoma of ureter, cysts in ureter, kidney stone obstructing the ureter, ureteral stricture, compression of ureter, transitional cell carcinoma of bladder, bladder stones, bladder ...

Diseases of the Urinary Tract Anatomical Chart 2001, Anatomical Chart Co., Skokie, IL

ISBN-13: 9781587792427

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Diseases of the Urinary Tract Anatomical Chart 2000, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

ISBN-13: 9781587792410

2nd edition