Jodie hates her life and her looks, but when she wakes up one morning as a stegosaurus things are even worse. Coping with school is impossible and when her parents take her to the doctor, Jodie is kidnapped by an unscrupulous consultant, Mr Pinkerton-Snark, who plans to exploit her to make his fortune. Jodie's younger brother rescues her from hospital and the two make a mad dash through town trying to escape. Jodie is recaptured but her brother has a brainwave about getting her back to normal and turning the tables on Mr ...

Dinosaur Pox 2009, Puffin

ISBN-13: 9780141324418


Dinosaur Pox 2001, Chivers Press, Bath

ISBN-13: 9780754061229

Large type / large print

Trade paperback

Dinosaur Pox 1999, Puffin Books, London

ISBN-13: 9780140389791

Mass-market paperback