Devil's Got a Holda Me - The Colour
Track Listing
  1. Devil's Got a Holda Me]
  2. Save Yourself]
  3. Chariot of Gold]
  4. Until We're High]

Devil's Got a Holda Me, the debut EP by the Colour, finds lead singer Wyatt Hull (who bears a strong resemblance to Robert Plant) taking a while to break out on the opening title track. But when he does, it's worth it; the tune's a moody mix of groovy, bluesy rock. This gives way to another mid-tempo pop/rock number, "Save Yourself," which brings to mind a cross between the Killers and Simple Minds. With only four songs here, it's difficult to get a grasp on the band, especially when they muddle their way through the ...

Devil's Got a Holda Me 2006, re:Think

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