Detective Larue: Cartas de La Investigacion


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As if obedience school wasn't bad enough, Ike now finds himself in jail--wrongly accused (of course!) of terrorizing the Hibbins' cats & stealing their cat treats. Once again, he pleads his case to Mrs LaRue, who's vacationing in France, but to no avail. When a string of canary burglaries stalls the Snort City Police force's investigation--and reveals their crime-solving ineptitude--Ike flees custody and takes matters into his own paws. Expect more mad-cap comedy in Ike's daring escapades (real and imagined), as well as ...

Detective Larue: Cartas de La Investigacion 2005, Scholastic en Espanol, New York, NY

ISBN-13: 9780439760706


Trade paperback