Delta Sleep System - Dr. Jeffrey D. Thompson
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  1. Delta Sleep System
  2. Delta Sleep System

Dr. Thompson has created music that is purely medicinal, in service of relaxation without any mysticism -- there's nothing new agey or easy listening about it. Ordinarily, you don't have to hand-tool music that will put you to sleep; any kind of music will do the job if you aren't into it. What matters is how you feel when you wake up. If your musical selection just lets your mind drift after dinner then wake up in time for Letterman, time's been wasted. But a recording thoughtfully designed to get you to sleep and to give ...

Delta Sleep System 2001, The Relaxation Company

UPC: 052296308629


Delta Sleep System 1999, Relaxation Music

UPC: 052296308520


Delta Sleep System 1999, The Relaxation Company

UPC: 052296308544