Death at Chappaquiddick


I still feel a lot of bitterness. It's been a long time, but to me it was just yesterday. I'll never forgive him. I don't believe the truth has been told. I don't know the truth. None of us knows the truth. It's still a mystery . . . . There was just too much deception, too much double talk and cover up. -- Joseph Kopechne, Women's News Service This then is the real horror of the case. Mary Jo in the bottom of that upside-down car, wedged in, clawing, clutching and straining for air and for life in the total blackness at ...

Death at Chappaquiddick 1992, Jameson Books (IL)

ISBN-13: 9780916054281


Death at Chappaquiddick 1980, Pelican Publishing Company

ISBN-13: 9780882892498

Trade paperback