Death Wish: Starring Charles Bronson, Architect


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The first one is the hardest. Then he discovers he likes it. DEATH WISH: Starring Charles Bronson, Architect is based on the sensationalistic and controversial "Death Wish" movies, in which Charles Bronson portrays an architect who becomes a vigilante-killer. Death Wish by Rob Kovitz is a kind of enigmatic allegory, in which Bronson is Everyman, and Architecture is the dream/nightmare that goes to bed with each of us at night. Treyf 25th Anniversary edition. treyf, adj. [Yiddish] - not kosher, unclean. Treyf Books by Rob ...

Death Wish: Starring Charles Bronson, Architect 2013, Treyf

ISBN-13: 9780981286952

3rd edition

Trade paperback