You are 36 years old. Your lover walks out after 10 years of living together. Your charismatcic female boss sells the business to an unscrupulous, amoral womanizer to whom you become fatally attracted, and to cap it all your beloved father dies, leaving you bereft of wisdom and advice. A week ago happy ever after could have been a heart beat away Now it has vanished into eternity. Is this a mid-life crisis, or what? May Roper's wise and witty 1st novel is the story of Lily, and of how she emerges from this sequence of ...

Cutting the Rocks 1999, Orion mass market paperback, London

ISBN-13: 9780752826769

New edition

Mass-market paperback

Cutting the Rocks 1998, Orion, London

ISBN-13: 9780752813424

Trade paperback