Crap Dad Jokes: Because Dads Aren't as Funny as They Think They are


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What do you call a decomposing whale? Mouldy Dick. And that joke sums up, somewhat poorly, the 999 other jokes in Crap Dad Jokes. This is not a joke book that will make most people laugh. It is designed purely for dear ol' Dad. Following hot on the humorous heels of Portico's Very Embarrassing Book of Dad Jokes comes this awful sequel for your parental amusement. Crammed with 1000 jokes that will make your silly Dad roll all over on the floor laughing, this book is guaranteed to really annoy the rest of the family. In fact, ...

Crap Dad Jokes: Because Dads aren't as funny as they think they are 2013, Portico, London

ISBN-13: 9781907554940