Cosby and the Kids - Bill Cosby
Track Listing
  1. Fat Albert (Buck, Buck)
  2. Old Weird Harold (9th Street Bridge)
  3. Tonsils
  4. Street Football
  5. To Russell, My Brother, Whom I Slept With

As far as Cosby compilations go, the thing Cosby and the Kids does very right is present the tracks unedited, important since the comedian's languid reflections on his childhood are best left untouched. Yep, this is Cosby talking about his childhood for an adult audience, not Cosby talking to children, as the crayon-scrawled cover might suggest. First released when his television show was on top, Cosby and the Kids was originally coupled with the not reissued Cosby Classics in a two-cassette set. Cosby Classics' track ...

Cosby and the Kids 2005, Rhino

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Cosby and the Kids 1990, Warner Bros.

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Cosby and the Kids Rhino

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