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Cocktail Hour - Xavier Cugat
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Track Listing
  1. Ali Baba
  2. Amor
  3. Besame Mucho
  4. Brazil
  5. Bruca Manigua
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  1. Ali Baba
  2. Amor
  3. Besame Mucho
  4. Brazil
  5. Bruca Manigua
  6. Chiu Chiu
  7. Chopsticks
  8. Dark Eyes
  9. Duerme/Luna]
  10. Earth Must Tremble
  11. Etude for Latins
  12. La Negra Leono
  13. Linda Mujer
  14. Mexican Hat Dance
  15. Mi Sombrero
  16. Misirlou
  17. Night Must Fall
  18. Oye Negra
  19. Promise to Remember
  20. The Rain in Spain
  21. Rumba Rumba
  22. Rumba Rhapsody
  23. Temptation
  24. The Continental
  25. Walter Winchell Rumba
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This is the sort of music that most people associate with Xavier Cugat. Stylized, often campy, rhythmically spicy but also containing string arrangements and swanky vocals, this stuff periodically touches down on a peculiar plateau somewhere amidst Paul Whiteman, Lawrence Welk, and Raymond Scott, but it's Cugie, Cugie, Cugie every step of the way! It is delightfully weird lounge music for those who don't take themselves -- or their music -- too seriously. Like Liberace, Cugat handled "Chopsticks" without flinching, and ...

Cocktail Hour 1999, Columbia River Entertainment Group

UPC: 723723606624