CONTENTS To all you men, so nice and neat THE THING THAT MAKES OUR NAVY. Theres a lot o busness lately in the papers PAGE every day ... ... ... ... ... 13 THE MEN BEHIND THE TUBE, The battleship, she rules the seas ... ... 21 BULLDOG CHARLIE. Es known as Bulldog Charlie, an it is the bloomin name THROUGH THE RAIN. E was the finest man I knew THE ENGINEER. There is a man oos little seen, a gritty man ise 39 V 9 27 33 GUNS. CONTENTS 11 Theres the latest sixteen-incher, with is TEACHERS. barrel long an lean Now, all you wise ...

Cleared for Action 2015, Sagwan Press

ISBN-13: 9781296900021


Cleared for Action 2012, Hardpress Publishing, Ann Arbor MI

ISBN-13: 9781290335591

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