Chronicles of the Cursed Sword, Volume 3

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Rey and Shouren continue on their journey toward the top floor of Mujin Tower, where they are forced to fight with each of the floors keepers: Yiechan, the expert spear-thrower, and Toupa, the magical sorceress. Shouren uses the fights to achieve the essence of the Ultimate Sage Sword, which gives him the ability to change his whole body into pure energy in the form of a sword. He'll need to master this awesome power in order to face the Heavenly God and the evil Shiyan - but will it be enough to save Rey's soul?

Chronicles of the Cursed Sword Volume 3 2003, TokyoPop

ISBN-13: 9781591822561

Trade paperback

Chronicles of the Cursed Sword, Volume 3 2003, Turtleback Books

ISBN-13: 9781417678785

Turtleback School & Library edition