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Chosen Few: El Documental - Various Artists
Track Listing
  1. Intro
  2. La Vamos a Montar
  3. Reggaeton Latino
  4. Hoy
  5. Ya Regrese
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  1. Intro
  2. La Vamos a Montar
  3. Reggaeton Latino
  4. Hoy
  5. Ya Regrese
  6. No Pierdas Tiempo
  7. Sabes lo Que Vas a Hacer
  8. No Hay Garantía
  9. Intro
  10. Llegó la Hora
  11. Donde Tu Estes
  12. Llegó el Voltaje
  13. Chosen One: Papi N.O.R.E
  14. Delirando Pero Vacilando
  15. Flossy
  16. Me Gusta Tu Cuerpo
  17. Calle
  18. No Queiro Guillaera
  19. Dime Si Te Enciendes
  20. Un Mordisco
  21. Mi Version
  22. Chosen Few
  23. Oye Que Bueno
  24. Chosen Few Remix
  25. Revelación
  26. Reggaeton -- Introduction
  27. Pioneer Producers
  28. Tempo
  29. Influences -- Vico C
  30. Media Support
  31. Sex & Reggaeton
  32. Beef/"Tiradera"
  33. Latin Hip Hop vs. Reggaeton
  34. Obstacles
  35. Women in Latin Hip Hop/Reggaeton
  36. Positive Messages
  37. In 5 Years...
  38. Legacy (Remember Me)
  39. Credit Roll (New Talent Clip)
  40. DVD
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Amid the reggaeton gold rush of 2005, Chosen Few: El Documental stood out from the pack of cash-in compilations flooding the American market. It stood out because it wasn't typical. Unlike, say, VI Music's Reggaeton Hitmakers (another popular CD/DVD package that sold well), it didn't round up a bunch of previously released material. Everything on Chosen Few is exclusive. And unlike Mas Flow, Vol. 2, a similarly popular Luny Tunes-produced compilation that rounded up a host of reggaeton's biggest stars, it's diverse, ...

Chosen Few: El Documental 2007, Orchard

UPC: 669910692066


Chosen Few: El Documental 2005, Virgin

UPC: 094631217302


Chosen Few: El Documental 2004, Urban Box Office

UPC: 825201101529


Chosen Few: El Documental 2004, Cfee/Urban Box Office

UPC: 825201105220