Cesare Borgia: His Life and Times


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Accusations of treachery, rape, incest, and murder: almost five centuries have passed since Cesare Borgia's death, and his reputation still casts a sinister shadow. Yet the real man was a mesmerizing figure who inspired Machiavelli's classic "The Prince." During the brief space of time when he occupied the stage, he shocked and stunned his contemporaries with his lofty ambitions and daring, becoming the most feared, hated, and envied man of his day.

Cesare Borgia: His Life and Times 2001, Phoenix, London, England

ISBN-13: 9781842124529

Revised edition

Trade paperback

Cesare Borgia: His Life and Times 1981, Futura Publications, London

ISBN-13: 9780708820087

New edition