"Half a year into their journey to the colony world of Tantalus, Sakura Kimei, her family, and her best friend, the alien 'Bemmie' nicknamed Whips, were suddenly torn from the safety of the colony ship and stranded, light years from any known world. In a nearly crippled lifeboat, they had maybe one chance to find and land on a habitable world. With only each other to depend on, Sakura, Whips, and Sakura's family will have to avoid the deadly perils of an unknown alien world and somehow build a new life out of the wreckage ...

Castaway Planet 2016, Baen

ISBN-13: 9781476781341

Mass-market paperback

Castaway Planet 2016, Audible Studios on Brilliance

ISBN-13: 9781522691891

MP3 format

Castaway Planet 2015, Baen, Riverdale

ISBN-13: 9781476780276