Cassandra: Princess of Troy


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Hilary Bailey re-invents the history of the Trojan Wars and tells a new story of Cassandra. Legend has it that Cassandra died at the hand of Clytemnestra, but in this novel she escapes to a farm in Thessaly, and writes her own account of the fall of Troy. On a quiet farm in ancient Greece, an aging widow sits down to write her story. Now that the war is over, and has been for years, and her husband has passed away, and her daughter has married and moved on, she believes it is finally safe to write down the truth of who she ...

Cassandra: Princess of Troy 2012, Bloomsbury Reader, London

ISBN-13: 9781448209286

Trade paperback

Cassandra Princess of Troy 1993, Random House (UK)

ISBN-13: 9780224029056