Case-based reasoning technology from foundations to applications


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Humanexpertsarenotsystemsofrules, theyarelibrariesofexperiences. Riesbeck and Schank (1989, p.15) Broadlyspeaking, case-basedreasoning(CBR)is concernedwith solvingnew problems by adapting solutions that worked for similar problems in the past. As with Arti cial Intelligence in general, case-based reasoning deals with two di erent aspects of intelligence: A r st motivation is to establish cog- tive models in order to understand human thinking and behavior. A second motivationis to buildsystemswhichhelpto solvereal ...

Case-Based Reasoning Technology: From Foundations to Applications 1998, Springer, Berlin, Germany

ISBN-13: 9783540645726

1998 edition

Trade paperback