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Buy-Product 2: Brief Encounters - Various Artists
Track Listing
  1. Winn Coma
  2. Synonym
  3. Novacane
  4. Down Baby
  5. Blue
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  1. Winn Coma
  2. Synonym
  3. Novacane
  4. Down Baby
  5. Blue
  6. Absolutely Barking Stars
  7. Chemistry
  8. Montebello
  9. Vow
  10. Red Beans N' Reverb
  11. Pretty
  12. Fight It (If You Want)
  13. Pass You By
  14. Encyclopedi-Ite
  15. Temenos (Here Comes the Shakes)
  16. Honky Time
  17. All over Now
  18. Not Perfect
  19. Speaking Confidentially
  20. Little Trouble Girl
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Buy Product 2: Brief Encounters is another label sampler from Geffen Records, spotlighting highlights from their roster of alternative roster. Certainly there are some great songs on here, ranging from album tracks like Garbage's "Vow" and Beck's "Novacane" to B-sides and rarities like Elastica's demo of "Blue" and Sonic Youth's instrumental version of "Little Trouble Girl." In between, there are some intriguing tracks, as well as some mediocre ones. No listener will like every song on the album -- there are simply too many ...

Buy-Product 2: Brief Encounters 1998, Geffen

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