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British Light Music Classics Series - Ruth Scott (oboe); New London Opera Orchestra (choir, chorus); New London Orchestra; Ronald Corp (conductor)
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Track Listing
  1. Calling All Workers, march for orchestra
  2. The Haunted Ballroom, ballet
  3. Vanity Fair, for orchestra
  4. Jumping Bean for orchestra
  5. Destiny, waltz
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  1. Calling All Workers, march for orchestra
  2. The Haunted Ballroom, ballet
  3. Vanity Fair, for orchestra
  4. Jumping Bean for orchestra
  5. Destiny, waltz
  6. The Boulevardier, intermezzo for orchestra
  7. Pas de quatre
  8. The Watermill, for oboe, harp & strings
  9. The Devil's Galop, for orchestra (theme for the radio series Dick Barton: Special Agent)
  10. Dusk, for voice & piano
  11. Puffin' Billy, for orchestra
  12. Bells Across the Meadows, characteristic intermezzo
  13. The Old Clockmaker (Jennings at School)
  14. Dreaming, for orchestra
  15. Elizabethan Serenade, for orchestra
  16. Coronation Scot, for orchestra
  17. Nights of Gladness, waltz
  18. London (London Every Day), suite for orchestra: Knightsbridge 'March' (In Town Tonight)
  19. Bal Masqué, valse-caprice
  20. The Grasshopper's Dance, characteristic piece
  21. My Native Heath, suite for orchestra: Barwick Green, 'A Maypole Dance' (The Archers)
  22. Rouge et Noir
  23. Peanut Polka for orchestra
  24. Carriage and Pair
  25. London Landmarks Suite, for orchestra: The Horse Guards, Whitehall (Down Your Way)
  26. Little Suite, for orchestra: March (Dr. Finlay's Casebook)
  27. Sailing By, for orchestra (theme for BBC Radio 4's Late Night Shipping Forecast)
  28. Portuguese Party
  29. Beachcomber
  30. In the Shadows
  31. Tabarinage
  32. Sanctuary of the Heart, Meditation religieuse
  33. Westminster Waltz, for orchestra
  34. Carissima, for small orchestra (or piano)
  35. Girls in Grey, television newsreel march
  36. Runaway Rocking-Horse
  37. Robin Hood, suite for orchestra: March of the Bowmen
  38. Paris Suite, for orchestra: Montmartre
  39. Melody on the Move, for orchestra
  40. In Party Mood
  41. The Girl from Corsica
  42. Soldiers in the Park, march
  43. Valse Septembre
  44. Miss Melanie
  45. Pink Lady (My Beautiful Lady), waltz
  46. Portrait of a Flirt, for orchestra
  47. Siciliano, for orchestra
  48. In a Persian Market, intermezzo-scene for chorus & orchestra
  49. Theatreland
  50. Songe d'automne, for orchestra
  51. Alpine Pastures, for orchestra
  52. Little Serenade
  53. Woodland Revel, for orchestra
  54. Lady of Spain (Linda española)
  55. Smiles, then Kisses
  56. On a Spring Note
  57. Music Everywhere (Rediffusion March)
  58. Marching Strings, for orchestra
  59. The Ring of Kerry Suite, for orchestra: Jaunting Car
  60. High heels
  61. Dance of the Ostracised Imp, for orchestra
  62. Keltic Suite, for orchestra, Op. 29: Keltic Lament
  63. Rhythm on Rails, for orchestra
  64. By the Sleepy Lagoon, valse serenade for orchestra
  65. Jamaican Rumba for 2 pianos or orchestra
  66. In a Monastery Garden for chorus & orchestra
  67. A Quiet Stroll, for orchestra
  68. Parisian Sketches (2), for orchestra: 1. Demoiselle Chic
  69. Cavalcade of Youth, for orchestra
  70. Elizabethan Masque
  71. Shepherd Fennel's Dance for orchestra
  72. Thrills, for orchestra
  73. The Merchant of Venice, incidental music: The Doge's March
  74. Petite Suite de Concert, for orchestra (or piano), Op. 77
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British Light Music Classics Series 2006, Hyperion

UPC: 034571142616