Brighter Days - JJ Grey & Mofro
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  1. Country Ghetto
  2. A Woman
  3. Brighter Days
  4. Air
  5. War
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  1. Country Ghetto
  2. A Woman
  3. Brighter Days
  4. Air
  5. War
  6. Lochloosa
  7. Dirtfloorcracker
  8. Orange Blossoms
  9. Ho Cake
  10. The Sweetest Thing
  11. The Sun Is Shining Down
  12. On Fire
  13. Country Ghetto
  14. A Woman
  15. Brighter Days
  16. Air
  17. War
  18. Lochloosa
  19. Dirtfloorcracker
  20. Orange Blossoms
  21. Ho Cake
  22. The Sweetest Thing
  23. The Sun Is Shining Down
  24. On Fire
  25. Hide & Seek
  26. Slow, Hot & Sweaty
  27. King Hummingbird
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If you've ever seen JJ Grey & Mofro, you have an idea of what to expect from this concert-length DVD and accompanying 78-minute CD. That said, since this gig, recorded in January at Atlanta's Variety Playhouse, was pre-planned with the end result being Brighter Days, maybe you don't. For starters, there's the band. For this engagement, Mofro was a sextet that included saxophonist Art Edmaiston, trumpeter Dennis Marion, organist and pianist Anthony Farrell, drummer Anthony Cole, electric and lap steel guitarist Andrew Trube, ...

Brighter Days 2011, Alligator Records

UPC: 014551494423