Breathing Water - Skycycle
Track Listing
  1. Radioactive
  2. Last Girl on Earth
  3. Happy
  4. Junior
  5. Toast

Fusing power-pop with 1990s alternative rock, the members of Skycycle saw to it that their five-song debut EP, Breathing Water, was melodic as well as hard-edged. On the power-pop side, it's clear that Skycycle is well aware of the Beatles and Cheap Trick. But on the alternative side, Skycycle's more obvious influences range from XTC and Big Star to Jane's Addiction -- although tunes like "Last Girl on Earth," "Radioactive" and "Junior" aren't nearly as metallic, abrasive or dissonant as that band could be. Also, there are ...

Breathing Water 1998, MCA

UPC: 008811179120