How could I have loved the Eater of Souls, you might ask? She played games with my head, she mocked my insecurities, she refused to have sex with me because she said she felt like her dog was watching. Her dog was in New Jersey. She just felt like he was watching. You know, across space and time. He was that kind of dog. But despite all this she was perfect for me. That is, until one day I woke up and looked over at her sleeping face and noticed something. I was unhappy. I loved her, I ache for her to this day, but I wasn ...

Booty Nomad 2006, Miramax Books, New York, NY

ISBN-13: 9781401359645

Trade paperback

Booty Nomad 2005, Pan Books, London

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Unabridged edition

Mass-market paperback

Booty Nomad 2004, Hyperion Books, New York, NY

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The Booty Nomad 2004, Hyperion Books

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Audiobook cassette

Booty Nomad 2004, Macmillan, London

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Abridged edition

Trade paperback