Blooms Bouquet of Imaginary Words

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In Bloom's Bouquet, words blossom. You know what a pigeon is, but what is a "pugeon"? An overweight bird, of course. Change one letter of "destination" and you get a place where dirt ends up: "dustination." If you are late to ballet class, you are "leotardy." The author of a horror film is a "scareenwriter." The 599 new words in Bloom's Bouquet are organized into such categories as "Plumpkins & Grimlets" (Food and Drink), "Froshbite & Frollicles" (Medicine), and " Fiberals & Reapublicans (Politics). Fun to browse through ...

Blooms Bouquet of Imaginary Words 2005, Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers Inc, New York

ISBN-13: 9781579124519