Mars, Venus, Pellucidar, and finally Poloda - the last planet to be explored by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Of them all, Poloda was the most distant - literally Beyond The Farthest Star our telescope could view! Yet on Poloda, appeared an American from our own time, to take part in one thrilling adventure after another in the battles of that wartorn world. Suddenly zapped from an Earth battle with Nazi warplanes, Tangor is forced to create a new life for himself on the planet Poloda, where he uses his skills as a soldier to help ...

Beyond the Farthest Star 2018, Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN-13: 9781985875487

Trade paperback

Beyond the Farthest Star 1992, Del Rey Books, New York

ISBN-13: 9780345378361

Mass-market paperback