Atmosphere, Weather, and Climate


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Atmosphere, Weather and Climate provides a thorough introduction to weather processes and climatic conditions. Since the last edition, the recognition of the reality and possible effects of human activities on the environment has revolutionized attitudes to the study of atmosphere and of world climate. stressing the heat budget of the earth and the causes of the greenhouse effect, the authors turn to manifestations and circulation of atmospheric moisture, including atmospheric stability and precipitation patterns in space ...

Atmosphere, Weather and Climate 1993, Routledge, London, England

ISBN-13: 9780415077606

6th edition


Atmosphere, Weather, and Climate 1987, Methuen Publishing

ISBN-13: 9780416071528

5th edition

Unknown binding

Atmosphere, weather, and climate 1970, Holt, Rinehart and Winston, New York

ISBN-13: 9780030808104