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Asteroids, Meteorites, and Comets


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Discusses the solar system bodies that are not one of the nine planets or their moons, including asteroids in the main asteroid belt as well as throughout the rest of the solar system, comets from both the Kuiper belt and from the much more distant Oort cloud, and the interplanetary dust left in their wakes. Also discussed are the discoveries of various asteroids, the nature of meteorites and impact craters, the orbits, sizes, and compositions of asteroids, along with the correlations scientists have made between meteorite ...

Asteroids, Meteorites, and Comets 2010, Facts on File, New York, NY

ISBN-13: 9780816076963

2nd Revised edition


Asteroids, Meteorites, and Comets 2006, Facts on File, New York, NY

ISBN-13: 9780816051953