City Of Angels, No - City Of Angel! Based on the all-new TV series - Angel! If you thought Sunnydale was a notbed of vampiric and demonic activity, wait'll you see what's brewing in LA! Angel, Buffy's undead lover, has relocated to the City of Angels, where he (along with his partner; Doyle, a human/demon hybrid with second sight, and Cordelia Chase, from the Buffy TV series) bids to atone for his past sins by fighting the forces of darkness. In Surrogates, Angel faces his toughest case yet, a harrowing mystery centring on ...

Angel: Surrogates 2001, Dark Horse Comics

ISBN-13: 9781569714911

Trade paperback

Angel: Surrogates 2001, Titan Books Ltd, London

ISBN-13: 9781840232349