Lavishly illustrated modelling publication featuring the artwork of Richard Caruana and Vincenzo Auletta. This issue covers Lobnitz 1944, Curtiss SO3C Seamew, He 219 Uhu (Owl), Swedish Air Force 1939-45, Aircobra P-400/P-39Q, and the F4F-4 Wildcat. In the second volume of our series Air Power Modelling you will find: 6 unique articles 35 colour profiles 2 pages of colour drawings 2 pages of scale drawings About the Authors J. Lekkas, Yannis A. Asimakos, Mikhail Poutnikov, Rafael Lismanis, Nikos Kavathas and George ...

Air Power Modelling Vol. 2 2010, Periscopio, Daphne

ISBN-13: 9789606740282