A colony of Canadian and American writers and filmmakers, exiled by McCarthyist witch-hunts at home, find themselves in London, England, where they evolve a society every bit as merciless, destructive, and close-minded as that from which they have fled. The bonds of the group are strained when Norman Price, an academic turned hack writer, befriends an enigmatic German refugee. Ostracized by his colleagues, Norman soon perceives how easily conviction devolves into tyranny. Believing that "all alliances are discredited," he ...

A Choice of Enemies 2016, Audible Studios on Brilliance

ISBN-13: 9781522606505

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A Choice of Enemies 2002, Emblem Editions, Toronto

ISBN-13: 9780771075117

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A Choice of Enemies 1993, New Canadian Library, Toronto, Canada

ISBN-13: 9780771099717

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