A Walking Fire - Brooklyn Rider
Track Listing
  1. Culai, for string quartet
  2. String Quartet No. 2 in A minor, Sz. 67, BB 75 (Op. 17)
  3. Miniatures, for string quartet
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The string quartet Brooklyn Rider, sure enough from Brooklyn, has tried to combine a crossover image with a rigorous approach to contemporary repertory, choosing energetic pieces that might well appeal to rock audiences. One can quibble with individual details of what they do and yet admire the success of the whole package. The 2013 release A Walking Fire offers a good example of what they do with three pieces marked by dance rhythms of various kinds. In a way, Brooklyn Rider tries to carry Bartók's world forward to the ...

A Walking Fire 2013, Mercury Classics

UPC: 028948103300