A Halloween Quiz (Pack of 25)


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1. Every year Linus waits for what to appear in the pumpkin patch? (a) Snoopy in his Red Baron costume (b) The Great Pumpkin (c) The Halloween Goblin 2. What do pumpkins grow on? (a) Bushes (b) Trees (c) Vines 3. What were the first Jack-o-lanterns made from? (a) Turnips (b) Coconuts (c) Pumpkins 4. In what country did trick-or-treating begin? (a) Transylvania (b) Ireland (c) Germany 5. Original candy corn comes in which three colors? (a) White, red, and orange (b) Brown, ...

A Halloween Quiz (Pack of 25) 2015, Good News Publishers

ISBN-13: 9781682160947

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