A Drowning in Swanson Lake


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"It was in the time before war, when penny candies and quarter movies anchored our lives.....the years were longer then, long enough to accommodate one's dreams. I lived in that time and beyond, staring through the night blackness into a world as infinite as my own. It would be years, many years it seemed, before I understood my world then was as fragile as the butterflies, which were already disappearing, and as ephemeral as the penny jaw breakers and double feature movies. The Cold War with its Cuban missile crisis, and ...

A Drowning in Swanson Lake 2003, Xlibris, Bloomington IN

ISBN-13: 9781401032579

Trade paperback

A Drowning in Swanson Lake 2003, Xlibris Corporation, Bloomington IN

ISBN-13: 9781401032586