A Boston Camerata Christmas - Anne Azéma (soprano); Anne Azéma (percussion); Anne Azéma (soprano); Boston Camerata; Boston Shawm and Sackbut Ensemble;...
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Track Listing
  1. Watchman of Zion, hymn
  2. Kingsbridge, hymn
  3. Bozrah, hymn
  4. Baptismal anthem
  5. A Christmas Hymn
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  1. Watchman of Zion, hymn
  2. Kingsbridge, hymn
  3. Bozrah, hymn
  4. Baptismal anthem
  5. A Christmas Hymn
  6. Christmas Medley: A Virgin Most Pure / A Virgin Unspotted
  7. Boston. For Christmas (John Wyeth's Repository of Sacred Music Part Second, 1820)
  8. The Heavenly Courtier, hymn
  9. Pretty Home, song
  10. The Midnight Cry, carol (American)
  11. Wayfaring Stranger, religious ballad
  12. Slow Traveller, hymn
  13. I Wonder As I Wander (American)
  14. Coventry Carol ("Lully, Lulla, Thou Little Tiny Child") (English)
  15. Lovely Vine
  16. Adeste fidelis (O Come, All Ye Faithful)
  17. Still Water, hymn
  18. While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks (adapted from Handel)
  19. Sherburne (White & King's The Sacred Harp, 1844)
  20. Shepherds, Rejoice
  21. Fulfillment, carol (American)
  22. Fulfillment, carol (American)
  23. Hush, My Babe, Lie Still and Slumber, carol (Kentucky)
  24. Jesus the Light of the World, hymn (American)
  25. Joy to the World (theme by Handel)
  26. Oyez, Seigneur, comment parla, carol (after the Gregorian chant "Conditor alme") (French)
  27. O oriens splendor lucis aeternae, antiphon in mode 2
  28. Le jour Noël, carol (after the Gregorian chant "Fons bonitatis") (French)
  29. Lux hodie...Orientis partibus
  30. Quem vidistis, antiphon in mode 2
  31. Magnum nomen domini
  32. Lux optata claruit (conduit)
  33. Virgo gemma virginum
  34. Quanto decet honore (conduit)
  35. Ave Regina caelorum, antiphon for 3 voices, K. 32
  36. In tua memoria
  37. Magnificat octavi toni, for 2 or 3 voices
  38. Noe, Noe, Noe, motet for 4 voices
  39. Noe noe magnificatus est rex pacificus
  40. Conditor en francais
  41. Chantons Noël, menons joyeuse vie
  42. Branle de Bourgogne
  43. Or vous trémoussez pasteurs de Judée
  44. Et d'ou venez-vous Madame Lucette?
  45. Bransle de Bourgogne
  46. Disons nau a pleine teste
  47. Ronde and Saltarello
  48. Nouvelles, nouvelles
  49. Prčs Bethléem dans une éstable
  50. Sur le mont de Sion
  51. Mass "Sur le Pont D'Avignon" for 4 voices
  52. O l'heureuse journée
  53. Bransle de Champagne
  54. Venez ouyr la trompette
  55. Bransle de Champagne
  56. Respondemos, Dio de Abraham
  57. Cantiga de Santa María 340, Virgen Madre groriosa (same as Cantiga de Fiestas de Santa María 412)
  58. Cantiga de Fiestas de Santa María 422, Madre de Deus, ora por nos teu Fill' essa ora (Sibylline verse)
  59. Cantiga de Santa María 1, Des oge mais quer' eu trobar
  60. Cantiga de Santa María 320, Santa María leva
  61. Cantiga de Fiestas de Santa María 417, Nobre don e muy preçado foi Santa María dar
  62. E la don don Verges María, villancico
  63. Tau garçó, la durundena
  64. O magnum mysterium, motet for 4 voices
  65. Riu, riu, chiu!, carol (Spanish)
  66. Christmas Medley: Calenda maia / Cuando por el oriente
  67. Cum audisset Joannes
  68. Xicochi, xichochi conetzintle (Gently Sleep, Precious Little One), villancico
  69. Ay, ay galeguińos, villancico
  70. Dame albriçia mano Anton (Joyful tidings, brother Anton), negrito ŕ 4
  71. Si al nacer o minimo, gallego
  72. Tarara qui yo soy Antón, villancico
  73. Los coflades de la estrella (The brotherhood of the star), for chorus
  74. Cumbés for guitar
  75. Convidando está la noche, guaracha
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The three-disc set A Boston Camerata Christmas combines complete reissues of the ensemble's An American Christmas and Noël, Noël! French Christmas Music, 1200-1600, with a compilation from another of its recordings to form A Spanish Christmas. While the enclosed booklet does contain shortened versions of director (emeritus by late 2008) Joel Cohen's original introductions from the two earlier albums and a piece about the Spanish music, notes on the origins of the individual carols and songs are missing (they can be found on ...

A Boston Camerata Christmas 2008, Erato

UPC: 825646941506