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Customer comments

All of the comments for Total Quality Books, LLC appear below:

positive comment by Betty A on Jul 31, 2014

all as expected. good experience overall. Thanks

neutral comment by Eugene C on Jul 29, 2014

Supposedly shipped July 14th. Today is July 29th. Have not received the DVD.

positive comment by David L on Jul 24, 2014

Great price, fast shipping, thoroughly satisfied

negative comment by Jeannette Vallecillo on Jul 7, 2014

As of today, I have not received my book order. Please let me know what happened that I didn't receive the book yet. I have always for the past five years bought my daughters books with Alibris and this is the first time it happens.

neutral comment by Gretchen on Jun 18, 2014

Book is just fine. Rather a long time receiving it.

neutral comment by Marek W on Jun 12, 2014

I've not received this book from seller

positive comment by Kendall B on Jun 11, 2014

Great Seller!

positive comment by AuntieBella on Jun 2, 2014

Thank you.

positive comment by wiseoldlady on Apr 24, 2014

Very fast shipping; product true to description.

positive comment by james c on Apr 23, 2014

The book arrived as requested. It was an unread book and was donated to the Franklinville Public Library, Franklinville, NJ

positive comment by DAVID on Apr 19, 2014

Excellent transaction

positive comment by Eric T on Apr 12, 2014

This book arrived in the listed condition. It was packed well. Thank you!

positive comment by simon g on Apr 3, 2014

Great oop book, fast delivery, A*

neutral comment by Richmond S H on Apr 1, 2014

still have not received this book. Ric Hendee April 1st

positive comment by Elizabeth H on Mar 28, 2014

Actually it is an excellent copy of the book, fair condition doesn't describe the book, it is actually it is in excellent condition, no rips, or torn pages, no highlighting or marking on pages.

positive comment by Joseph W on Mar 20, 2014

Namaste ! Stacie & I Hope You Are Having A Loving, Blessed, Happy And Prosper-Us Day... Everything perfect. I WILL Buy from Seller again.

positive comment by Christopher R on Mar 14, 2014

All OK. Arrived early and well received.

positive comment by Gerald B on Mar 7, 2014

Great service !!!

positive comment by Marie m on Mar 3, 2014

great item, shipped quickly and was packaged well

positive comment by Pamela W on Feb 14, 2014

Fast Delivery.. Just as described.. Awesome to do Business With.

positive comment by Allen D on Feb 14, 2014

A great seller-fast shipping-well packed-tape was as described-I hope to buy from them again.

positive comment by Joanne B on Jan 21, 2014

My book arrived very quickly and was in good condition. Very pleased!

positive comment by Sarai S on Jan 20, 2014

Book was as I expected... Thank you...

positive comment by Dr. Edem Bankas on Jan 11, 2014

Received, though late.

negative comment by Eugeniaw W on Jan 10, 2014

I haven't received this book yet !!!!!

neutral comment by anita s on Jan 9, 2014

it hasn't arrived. can you check on it. you shipped dec 20. its to: Jessica cox 302 church st. Gordonsville, Va. 22942 order #52489333-1 "The Raft"

positive comment by Donald on Dec 17, 2013

Better than advertised. Pleased.

positive comment by Craig on Nov 21, 2013

Very good condition in hardcover, happy with this book

neutral comment by Amy P on Nov 12, 2013

Although the book was listed as being in good condition, it was packaged carelessly, and the front cover was completely bent in half. This was disappointing.

positive comment by Jason N on Nov 10, 2013

A wonderful book,thank you very much.

positive comment by DOYLANN on Nov 5, 2013

prompt shipping and now it looks great in my collection.thank you very much

positive comment by jeanne s on Oct 30, 2013


positive comment by monkeyangel on Oct 18, 2013

Please see: 51769024-2

positive comment by Ann C on Oct 16, 2013

Thanks so much!

positive comment by Ronald G M on Oct 14, 2013

Needed better wrapping so corners of book would not have been damaged.

positive comment by Jeanine L on Oct 10, 2013

Book was perfect

positive comment by Kent J on Oct 7, 2013

Item received in excellent condition and in a short period of time. Thanks!

positive comment by Martin G on Sep 18, 2013

Thanks for your excellent and speedy service

positive comment by Dave W on Sep 12, 2013

as described, quick shipping, recommended

positive comment by Kuai-lin S on Sep 12, 2013

Fast shipping, good packaging, thank you!

positive comment by dian d on Sep 3, 2013

Wow, in better condition that I was expecting, and very please to have it in my hands, I am very please and satisfy. and look forward to purchase more rear book for you all. Thank you

positive comment by Amarilis L on Aug 28, 2013

Completely satisfied!

positive comment by Grendolyn R on Aug 27, 2013

Good transaction

positive comment by Bushido on Aug 24, 2013

I received the wrong item from the seller, but I received a refund extremely quickly.

This comment was hidden by Alibris Customer Service on August 23, 2013

negative comment by aaron s on Aug 16, 2013

Sent the wrong movie and won't send the copy I ordered. Nor will they reply to the email I sent them

positive comment by Nancy C on Aug 1, 2013

thank you

positive comment by William G on Jul 23, 2013

CD arrived promptly, as described, and packaged securely. Can't ask for better than that! I have to confess, one track had a malfunction (wanted to stick n' repeat), but I burned another copy and corrected it. All's well.

positive comment by Alexey on Jul 16, 2013

Thank you very much.

neutral comment by Juanita H on Jul 7, 2013

I have not received this book. Please cancel my order.

neutral comment by MADELINE P on Jul 3, 2013

Good Morning: At this time, I don't received this book, the last year I have the same situation that never receive the math practice book. Thankyou

positive comment by James M on Jun 29, 2013

cd arrived quickly and plays great

positive comment by Steven on Jun 27, 2013

Excellent service....

positive comment by Lorin H on Jun 17, 2013

DVD came fast. Thank You

positive comment by Alexis E on Jun 7, 2013

great condition, great price, quick shipment

negative comment by Wilda T on May 31, 2013

I did not receive this book.

positive comment by James G on May 31, 2013

I think the book was even better condition than described. Except for the very slight fading of color, the book was like new.

positive comment by Larry & LaDonna A on May 22, 2013

Been studying with Jimmy and Karen Evans on TBN tv; glad to own their audio book. Great price too. Thanks!

positive comment by Wayne S on May 20, 2013


negative comment by E D on May 20, 2013

The cd was missing, so the book is pretty much useless for the purpose for which it was ordered. This is a play along book, so the fact that the cd was missing should have been clearly stated!

positive comment by cara l on May 18, 2013

A+++++thank you

negative comment by Sabas P on May 15, 2013

came crushed, not adequately packaged. DVD was scratched and movie paused constantly. Condition was not 'good' as stated.

positive comment by Marilyn D on May 15, 2013

Poor packaging, plastic pack only which got broken because book is too heavy, one of the edges of the book got broken also. Description of book as said.

positive comment by David on May 14, 2013

Item was undersold and overdelivered on. Awesome job guys. Top notch!

positive comment by Julia H on May 14, 2013

Book exactly as described--thank-you!

negative comment by Tomas on May 13, 2013

The book contained a lot of neon highlighting that was not mentioned in the seller's description. I am thinking of doing a formal complaint.

positive comment by Windsor M on May 10, 2013

Very fast shipping,great book. Thanks

positive comment by GAC Bookstore on May 7, 2013


positive comment by GAC Bookstore on May 7, 2013


positive comment by Harry C on May 6, 2013

Smooth, easy transaction. Item exactly as stated. Thanks!

positive comment by Lawrence D on May 5, 2013

The book was in excellent condition and arrived promptly. Recommended seller.

neutral comment by Thomas Z on May 5, 2013

5 weeks now, and still have not received DVD.

neutral comment by Sandy S on Apr 27, 2013

I am pleased with everything but the late arrival of the book. It took 3 weeks.

positive comment by Sandy S on Apr 27, 2013

If I could give you a higher rating, then I would.

positive comment by charlene g on Apr 26, 2013

The book was delivered promptly & the edition was in excellent condition. Thank you.

positive comment by Timothy N on Apr 22, 2013

quick shipping, good price

neutral comment by Sheila R on Apr 22, 2013

A fairly heavy book sent from USA to UK in a simple and just-about padded brown envelope. Battered and bruised would be a good description of the book now. Hmmm.

negative comment by Heather E on Apr 22, 2013

Today is April 20, 2013. I still have not received my books. This is disappointing, it's been nearly 3 months since my book was to arrive. I was, of course, still charged for the item.

negative comment by Heung-soon C on Apr 20, 2013

I've bought lots of books from Alibris. I'm very angry about this book. Because the book is very very poor. The book is almost broken into two parts. Why did you say about the condition of this book is "GOOD". The book that I bought is NOT GOOD!

positive comment by Cindylee on Apr 19, 2013

Great Job!

positive comment by Rita S on Apr 17, 2013

Arrived quickly and in great shape! Thanks.

positive comment by Mary H on Apr 16, 2013

Very happy with the book and came to me as described and in fact I believe in better shape. Shipping was fast and efficient. I will look at ordering other things in the future.

negative comment by Cindy N on Apr 15, 2013

I have never received this book, although it was supposedly shipped March 23.

positive comment by ber643 on Apr 14, 2013

Taking care of business - thank you.

positive comment by Susan A on Apr 14, 2013


positive comment by Dale on Apr 13, 2013

Very good transaction.

positive comment by michael k on Apr 13, 2013

Fast service, nice book.

positive comment by Thomas B on Apr 12, 2013


positive comment by Thomas B on Apr 12, 2013


neutral comment by Sue F on Apr 11, 2013

Chapter 7, pages 155-179 have been torn out of the book, making the book unusable for the purpose for which it was bought. Although this may have been an oversight on the seller's part, I recommend checking the contents of all books are intact.

positive comment by James W on Mar 31, 2013

positive comment by Leo M on Mar 30, 2013

as described. All good. Thanks.

positive comment by Kimberly R on Mar 21, 2013

Arrived quickly, disc in great shape.

negative comment by David K on Mar 21, 2013

This lab book has all of the experiment pages ripped out of it! It's completely useless without having the lab reports to fill out!

positive comment by Wayne B on Mar 19, 2013

timely shipping good condition

positive comment by Rose A on Mar 17, 2013

I will continue to purchase additional books from Total Quality Books. Thank you.

neutral comment by Olivia S on Mar 16, 2013

I am sorry to tell you that I have not receive the book yet. Please get in touch with your shipping service. I had to check Neutral otherwise I would not be able to send it to you. Thank you, Olivia

positive comment by Suzanne c on Mar 15, 2013

The book is in excellent condition. Thank you again for providing this service! much appreciated Suzanne Clarke

positive comment by YVONNE A on Mar 12, 2013


negative comment by William M on Mar 10, 2013

This book was reported as shipped on February 19, but as yet has not been received. The delay has not been explained.

negative comment by Marie J on Mar 6, 2013

never received my order

neutral comment by Paul L on Mar 6, 2013

The dust jacket was very badly damaged.

positive comment by Chris J on Mar 4, 2013

Excellent service....thank you very much. Chris J.

positive comment by Dr Krishnajee a on Mar 3, 2013

the book arrived fast and condition is very good and exceeded my expectations

positive comment by John G on Feb 28, 2013

Thanks. Item arrived well packaged and in the condition described.

positive comment by Phyllis K on Feb 27, 2013

very happy with my books

negative comment by Lisa L on Feb 26, 2013

This item has not arrived! It was shipped on 28th Jan, and nowi it is 26th Feb and still it has not arrived! Where is it??

positive comment by Maureen N on Feb 25, 2013

The book arrived in mangled condition, and the post office had re-wrapped the package due to some kind of in-transit smash-up. The book is a mess. I believe it was the post-office's fault.

positive comment by Nancy M on Feb 17, 2013

Easy and timely transaction

positive comment by Villers D on Feb 14, 2013

My husband was more than pleased with, not only the price, but with the exceptional condition of the book. Thank you so much.

positive comment by Terry B on Feb 6, 2013


positive comment by ARTHUR R on Feb 6, 2013

quick and clean -- thank you so very much

negative comment by CASIE O on Feb 6, 2013

I have not recieved this book pleas e-mail me on the where abouts need for class. Today is Feb 6 2013 it was shipped on the 1/18/2013

positive comment by Michael P on Feb 6, 2013

Thank you.

positive comment by Sue R on Feb 3, 2013

Love shopping rom Alibris! Always hooks me up with great providers, in this case, Total Quality Books.

positive comment by Eric S on Jan 31, 2013

The item arrived quickly and in good shape.

positive comment by CommodoreTVP on Jan 30, 2013

Handled a problem situtaion promptly and courteously.

positive comment by Sandi W on Jan 30, 2013

totally pleased with purchase!

negative comment by Yasemine N on Jan 27, 2013

I have not received my book and it has been over two weeks now!!!!!! There is no way of tracking it either and it is very frustrating!!!!

neutral comment by karen on Jan 27, 2013

We have not received our book yet. Siad it shipped on Jan. 15, 2013

neutral comment by irina O on Jan 25, 2013

I 've got absolutely not what I wanted. You shod have been changed the picture, because it is not the same book. Some exercises are different, no answer keys and it is only 9 chapters.

positive comment by debbie b on Jan 25, 2013

they said it was a readable copy but ugly. what they did not say that half the binding was gone on the book leaving the pages exposed. they say top quality but this was bad quality book. lost my trust.

neutral comment by Cookbooklover on Jan 24, 2013

This item was described as being in New condition, and it does not look that way. The cover & edges are very scuffed, and there is a huge yellow price sticker on the cover which was impossible to remove neatly.

positive comment by Christa M on Jan 24, 2013

Though the item was said toe be in 'fair' condition, I actually thought it was in 'good' condition. It arrived in a timely manner and the price was right. I would recommend this seller to anyone!

positive comment by ANDRES J on Jan 23, 2013

Good condition

negative comment by Raychelle M on Jan 22, 2013

I have not yet received my book yet of Stephanie's Ponytail.

positive comment by angel c on Jan 21, 2013

excellent,, thank

positive comment by Maura P on Jan 21, 2013

Thank you!!!

positive comment by Moranda N on Jan 19, 2013

Thanks so much! This book was in better condition than I expected! This is a great bookstore. Very honest, prices are more than fair and it was packaged very secure for shipping and it was shipped very quickly. Thank you again!

positive comment by John F on Jan 19, 2013

Book is much better shape than described! So I am happy with it. Thanks.

positive comment by Steve B on Jan 16, 2013


positive comment by AuntieBella on Jan 15, 2013

Thank you.

negative comment by bookluvr on Jan 15, 2013

The item was very very poorly packaged. It was practically coming apart when it arrived - also it did not arrive as per schedule, was three days late.

positive comment by Thomas Kleaton on Jan 12, 2013

Book arrived in excellent shape! Thanks!!

positive comment by Sheila K on Jan 12, 2013

I received the book really quick.

negative comment by dustbunny on Jan 11, 2013

I was so excited to get this movie, I was however disappointed to find the DVD filled with scratches so severe that the movie skipped so bad I had to trash it- I could not return it because it was NOT sent with any paperwork.

negative comment by Lisa S on Jan 9, 2013

I have not received my order yet

positive comment by Julia G on Jan 8, 2013

excellent service, fast shipping

negative comment by Patricia D on Jan 8, 2013

Hi, I received Getting in the Gap, by Wayne W. Dyer...I only ordered your book because it said the CD WAS INCLUDED...but it was not included...where do we go from here? Thank you

negative comment by Susan W on Jan 8, 2013

WRETCHED service, twice. Book ordered, never recieved. Instructed to re-order. I did. Weeks later, still no book, though their records say it shipped weeks ago. These folks are not trustworthy.

positive comment by angela w on Jan 7, 2013

I felt the book was in better condition than described. The packaging though, was nil bar the plastic envelope it came it - i was surprised given the distance the book covered that it wasn't damaged. Otherwise, very happy, thankyou.

positive comment by Phyllis on Jan 4, 2013

Great service

positive comment by Helen P on Dec 28, 2012

I was very pleased with this. Very good quality and fast shipping. I'm reading it with my son now!

positive comment by judgejfg on Dec 26, 2012

Received on time in good condition; many thanks for excellent transaction.

positive comment by Holly R on Dec 26, 2012

Thank you for excellent service!

positive comment by Edward J on Dec 26, 2012

Good show

positive comment by Juliana R on Dec 24, 2012

Received different CD from what picture and song list showed. Came in bubble wrap envelope, the teeth that hold the CD in place were broken and the case was cracked. Seller did refund money, and told me to keep CD

negative comment by Rita F on Dec 21, 2012

The item was poorly packed and arrived very damaged. The book was placed in a big and thin plastic envelope (much bigger than the item) without any kind of protection. Books should be wrapped in bubble wrap before being shipped. Very disappointing.

negative comment by Martin E on Dec 18, 2012

What a disappointment. I order at least 50 books a year on-line. Worst condition I've every received a book in. Covers(front, back, and spine) had completely fallen off. Dried up binding glue littering shipping envelope..

positive comment by Thomas Kleaton on Dec 18, 2012

A very fine copy! Thanks!!

positive comment by Luke E on Dec 14, 2012

As advertised.

positive comment by Mike T on Dec 14, 2012

Excellent condition, shipped promptly.

positive comment by blessedwife on Dec 14, 2012

Thank you!

positive comment by jerry f on Dec 14, 2012

Hard to find at this price. Would use again.

positive comment by MARILYN H on Dec 13, 2012

Book arrived in excellent order and much quicker than I expected.

positive comment by Bushido on Dec 5, 2012

The book was in great shape and arrived quickly.

positive comment by Cooloo on Nov 14, 2012

Well pleased Thanks a mil

negative comment by Ian T on Nov 14, 2012

It took over a month to arrive. Seemed to be diverted via France. For a Christmas song book, time is an important factor.

positive comment by nannaBee on Nov 12, 2012

We received this item before the promised date, in the condition that was descibed.

positive comment by Kay R on Nov 8, 2012

The book arrived before I expected and in great condition.

positive comment by Rosalee T on Nov 8, 2012

fast and friendly, thank you

positive comment by Claudio Lamas d on Nov 8, 2012

100% satisfied

positive comment by Robert F on Nov 6, 2012

great deal thanks

positive comment by shelton j on Nov 6, 2012

Book was in great condition and arrive time was good. Would use seller again. Thanks Shelton

positive comment by Dave Y on Nov 6, 2012

Good seller with prompt service

positive comment by Diane on Oct 31, 2012

Easy Transaction. Will definitely buy more from Alibris

positive comment by toyman on Oct 22, 2012

Great Seller

positive comment by MARY W on Oct 21, 2012

I have throughly enjoyed listening to this CD and am looking forward to purchasing more of the same genre of music in the future.

positive comment by MARY W on Oct 21, 2012

I have throughly enjoyed listening to this CD and look forward to more purchases of the same genre of music in the future.

positive comment by Jay A on Oct 21, 2012

OUTSTANDING SELLER!!! I flew with and worked on the TBM Avenger that is cared for by The Rocky Mountain Wing of The CAF in Grand Junction, CO the summer of 2012. It is amazing being about to actually fly in a WWII torpedo bomber. And read about it!

positive comment by ioannis on Oct 18, 2012

thank you

negative comment by Annie C on Oct 17, 2012

I never recieved this book. I am still waiting?

positive comment by Diane F on Oct 16, 2012

Book arrived on time, as described.

positive comment by nacho on Oct 14, 2012

Very good

neutral comment by Isabelle M on Oct 9, 2012

We paid for a book we are yet to receive; our order had been placed since 9/18/12, almost a month ago, we are not very happy, what happened?

positive comment by Barbara H on Oct 9, 2012

Book just as listed. Fast shipping. Very pleased.

neutral comment by Pennie on Oct 6, 2012

Book arrived quickly, was exactly as described. The only issue I had was that only 1 book of 2 ordered was shipped. No response to my email.

negative comment by Pennie on Oct 6, 2012

I did not receive this book.

positive comment by Teri B on Sep 28, 2012

Very Satisfied

positive comment by Delo on Sep 26, 2012

Copy came quickly, as described. No complaints here. What I contacted Alibris about was that I'd wanted the adult text version instead. That problem has been taken care of ok too.

positive comment by monkeyboy on Sep 24, 2012

all good

positive comment by James W on Sep 22, 2012


positive comment by jaime l on Sep 20, 2012

Came in quick and is in great shape. Great so far, Thanks!

positive comment by Connie S on Sep 18, 2012

Excellent service

positive comment by Natasha H on Sep 15, 2012

Great service experience from both seller and Alibris. Book was in excellent conditions for a used book.

positive comment by Karen H on Sep 14, 2012

Looks like new.

positive comment by Match on Sep 13, 2012


positive comment by michael a on Sep 13, 2012


positive comment by marcelo s on Sep 11, 2012


positive comment by Eldorette D on Sep 9, 2012

Book on excellent condition. Thanks!

negative comment by Neil T on Sep 6, 2012

Instead of the book I ordered above, I received a childs 8 1/2 x 8 1/2 five page book "Clap Hands by Helen Oxenbury" Flagrant lapse in quality control. Due to the low cost of this order I will not return the wrong book.

positive comment by Deborah S on Sep 5, 2012

Th book is in very good condition but its the wring one and I'd like to return it. Please advised how I go about in returning it for a refund.

positive comment by Dean O on Sep 4, 2012

Great service! Item arrived in a few days.

positive comment by steve g on Sep 4, 2012

Excellent Customer Service

neutral comment by Donna P on Sep 1, 2012

This didn't turn out to be what i wanted. The package is named Ice Blue Eyes but the disc inside is Blind Justice. How can i see about returning this? D. Powers

positive comment by Samuel B. I on Aug 26, 2012

Book was great quality. Book was exactly as described.

positive comment by Dale on Aug 25, 2012

The case arrived with 2 shattered corners but the CDs were excellent.

positive comment by Robin W on Aug 25, 2012

as described-- thank you

negative comment by OLGA R on Aug 24, 2012

I did not received my orderered book, neither any shipping confirmation to track it.

positive comment by Judy R on Aug 20, 2012

Thank you for prompt and careful attention to my order. I love the book!

negative comment by Roy R on Aug 14, 2012

This book has not arrived after 14 days. School has started your request to wait 30 days is unacceptable.

negative comment by Jolene Anne S on Aug 13, 2012


positive comment by CommodoreTVP on Aug 13, 2012

Book covers were quite dirty, but otherwise met expectations

positive comment by GingerinOz on Aug 13, 2012

So thrilled to find a good copy of this so readily available. Mine had been read and loaned out so much that it is held together by a rubber band. Great service!

positive comment by fur1nfeathers2 on Aug 5, 2012

Thank you for the brand new book!

positive comment by curly on Aug 3, 2012

great seller, item exactly as described

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