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Posted April 29, 2014

I find that almost all of my favorite books are those where the characters stay and are used in other books.  They become friends and I look forward to reading more about their exploits.  Of course, that causes the necessity of purchasing....

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How Do You Become a ┐Book Collector┐?

Posted by Read2001 on August 1, 2012

How many books do you have around your home?  Are the books a particular kind of book or by a particular author?  If your books keep accumulating because you love them, or really don’t want to part with them, you may be a “Book Collector” and not even realize it. 

When you start shopping for a book just for the value of a book you know you have definitely become a “Book Collector”.  Things we can recommend that will help the value of a book:  How old is the book?    (Be careful and don’t be fooled that a book is of great value because it is old- sometimes it is just an old book.)  What condition is the book in?  Was the author famous?  Is the book a first edition?  Is the book autographed? 

Once you have settled on what you are looking for, just browse the internet.  There are any number of on line book sales sites that have collectible books.  Ebay, Amazon and Alibris.   There sometimes some amazing finds at estate sales and garage sales. 

Would you like to know anything else about becoming a “Book Collector”?