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In NOV & DEC, GIFT-ABLE COOKBOOKS are featured. For the new year, JAN & FEB brings NEW YORK TITLES, and in MAR & APR, TRAVEL BOOKS. Our LOYALTY PROGRAM welcomes you to email or query us so we may lower your price, or if you prefer, upgrade to PRIORITY SHIPPING at regular shipping cost. MAKES FINE GIFTING - QUERY for free GIFT WRAPPING.

PLEASE NOTE: UPGRADES TO 1ST CLASS (whenever noted) MAY NOT APPLY WITHIN about 100 MILES OF NYC. There is little value to you, as they are in the same shipping area. Use our LOYALTY PROGRAM for all 6000+ TITLES. QUERY US for a discount (or shipping upgrade) on any future purchases. NOW with BASIC SHIPPING QUICKER TO UK AND EUROPE. Phaeton Books started as my own life-long collection and a book stall I had on Cape Cod (Mass.) in the nineties. While strong in US and foreign fiction, we turn to history to get an understanding of the world, and not just from an American POV. And with - travel, war, archeology, philosophy, art and oddities.

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Posted by Phaeton Books on October 12, 2012

We must be doing something right.

FOR THESE FEEW WEEKS, YOU ARE IN OUR LOYALTY PROGRAM - before you ever buy a book.  In a hurry?  ASk US to ship First Class or Prority.  If we can't - owing to postal weight rules - we'll split the difference with you and lower the item price making Prority shipping more affordable to you.  Do this before you buy and get a prompt reply - and QUICK DELIVERY.

At Phaeton books, it PAYS TO ASK for quick delivery.

Dave Drolet, your Aliris independent seller.