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All of the negative comments for newtownvideo appear below:

negative comment by nancy w on Oct 26, 2015

received wrong item. ordered ashley monroe's THE BLADE. just received alicia keyes SONGS in A MINOR. what do i do to get the correct purchase?

negative comment by Marilyn N on Oct 21, 2015

According to USPO tracking number, item was delivered to wrong address. I think the tracking number may have been wrong and my order was not processed. Contacted seller; no response yet.

negative comment by roger b on Sep 5, 2015

See prior feedback. I wanted a copy of the film and they sent the TV series. Not satisfactory.

negative comment by roger b on Sep 5, 2015

They sent two copies of the TV series, I only wanted one copy of the Carrol Reed directed film. I e-mailed them twice so far with no response. As far as I'm concerned they are scam artists.

negative comment by Mary V on Aug 28, 2015

As of August 28, this has not yet been received.

negative comment by Thomas M on Jul 30, 2015

Condition stated as Very Good and yet over 1/4 of DVD playback was unable to be viewed due to a number of obvious scratches on the surface.

negative comment by Sue S on Jul 29, 2015

This is not the cd I ordered. What I received was another one titled With A Smile And A Song-what I ordered was WITH A SMILE AND A SONG/YOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE

negative comment by Barbara S on Jul 9, 2015

We have not received this item as of yet. It was said to be due to arrive by July 3rd, it is now July 9th and we have not yet received it. We did receive all the other items we ordered from the other sellers already.

negative comment by Rita S on Jul 1, 2015

Have never received this DVD. Did not arrive as of July 1.

negative comment by Robert J on Jun 25, 2015

the delivery date is already a week overdue

negative comment by Gerry M on Jun 19, 2015

Very poor service from these folks on many orders. Multiple cancellations, defective DVDs, etc.. These last cancellations = straw that broke the camel's back! Will not be ordering from them again.

negative comment by Gerry M on Jun 19, 2015

Cancelled without contact or communication. This has happened too many times with these folks. Get a handle on your inventory!

negative comment by Charles L, H on Jun 5, 2015

I have not recived this Idem as of 6/4/2015 and I am very disapointed. it was supost to be here on. May 8, 2015. and I have not recived it. I called the place where it was sent from and was told it was sent to the wrong address and it would be sent

negative comment by Joachim W on Feb 21, 2015

They informed me that the item had been shipped to me. A few days later I received an e-mail that the CD is not available.

negative comment by Wade on Jan 24, 2015

This DVD was sent from seller in PA to me in PA and took almost 20 days to arrive and was in such dismal condition it would not play.

negative comment by Wade on Jan 24, 2015

Item sent from seller in PA to me in PA took almost 20 days to arrive. Never have had this kind of delivery before.

negative comment by carol S on Dec 22, 2014

Hello the 5 album CD has never arrived. Please check your shipping. noticed there was no tracking number. Please advise.

negative comment by Cathy C on Dec 17, 2014

The item was never delivered to me. The tracking number showed that the item was delivered to another town. Investigation by an Alibris representative was unable to find either the source of the problem, or the final resting place of the item.

negative comment by rebecca h on Dec 14, 2014

have not received order

negative comment by Hazel B on Dec 8, 2014

They cancelled my order after confirming that it was shipped, without giving a reason.Plus, the item remains on the website as available.I am most disappointed.Unless they can rectify this situation it is unlikely I will order from them anytime soon.

negative comment by walter j on Dec 8, 2014

have not received order yet how do I contact

negative comment by walter j on Dec 8, 2014

have not received order yet

negative comment by Mary Catherine O on Nov 24, 2014

Have not received the item.

negative comment by selma w on Oct 26, 2014

Never received and inquires not addressed

negative comment by David L on Oct 19, 2014

Both movies were NOT CD's - they were VHS tapes that I COULD NOT PLAY !!! I am VERY DISAPPOINTED !!!

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