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Posted May 31, 2016

Left Coast Books is currently holding a LIQUIDATION OF INTELLIGENT LIFE sale.  Come buy our books while they still have value.  Books going for next-to-nothing.  SUPPORT YOUR WORTHLESS BOOKSELLER.  Demand book-free libraries,....

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Left Coast Books

Left Coast Books

2201 Statham Blvd #104, Oxnard, CA 93033 USA (805) 845-1212
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Established in Santa Barbara, Left Coast Books specializes in ART BOOKS, offering thousands of titles on painting, sculpture, graphic arts, architecture, design, photography, film, video, and performance art. We also sell classics, literature, history, and a broad variety of useful academic books.

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Amazon Follies

Posted by Left Coast Books on July 7, 2012

Did you know? 99% of all negative feedback on Amazon is left by lonely old men with Napoleonic complexes suffering from erectile dysfunction, compensating for their sexual and social inadequacies by lashing out at unsuspecting businesses with their inchoate frustrations?

You heard it here first! (Any resemblance to Mr. R.M.B. of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is purely coincidental.)