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Customer comments

All of the comments for Hemingway appear below:

positive comment by David P on Sep 24, 2016

The plastic packaging was rather thin to ship to a customer in Ireland. However, the book thankfully arrived undamaged. The seller's description of the book was accurate

positive comment by Leif E on Sep 12, 2016

Delivered as promised Thank you

negative comment by Leif E on Aug 19, 2016

This is the second time I ordered the HARDCOVER version of this book, and it is the second time I receive the softcover edition. There may be an ISBN mix-up in the database, but do sellers ever read any other part of the order than the ISBN?

positive comment by david on Aug 17, 2016

Great value and service

positive comment by Leif E on Jul 22, 2016

Delivered as promised Thank You

negative comment by Raymond H on Jul 6, 2016

The book's was in worse condition than that described. Seller did not reply to any emails. Refund received BUT seller did not refund my return postage as they are legally required to do.

positive comment by Henk H on May 25, 2016

Very nice item, low price and swift international delivery, but an unpadded plastic bag offers barely adequate protection for a large book. Still, the book arrived in good condition.

positive comment by Joanna A on May 24, 2016

Thank you for the speedy delivery. I'll be recommending Hemingway Books to my friends! - Joey -

positive comment by Roland R on Feb 15, 2016

Excellent book Excellent service very pleased

positive comment by hannibal216bc on Jan 22, 2016

Very good copy, Thanks.

positive comment by david b on Jan 15, 2016

Excellent service

neutral comment by smuffy on Jan 7, 2016

wasn't aware that this was a 2 in 1 i only wanted jo returns, my mistake for not reading the description properly, i would if i was the seller have described the book overall as good rather than very good.

positive comment by Malcolm D on Dec 14, 2015

nice book

positive comment by Kevin H on Nov 30, 2015


neutral comment by Philip W on Nov 3, 2015

A small book but packaging not appropriate. packed in a plastic bag so book arrived dented. Also much tattier than I would expect from a very good book (even a cheap one).

positive comment by Brooke H on Oct 26, 2015

very quick delivery and great condition

positive comment by Alexander F on Oct 26, 2015

Thank you!

positive comment by Denis C on Oct 18, 2015

Pleased to receive this copy as was in perfect order for reading.

positive comment by Graham B on Oct 5, 2015

Excellent service! Thank you...

positive comment by Jane R on Oct 3, 2015

Prompt, well packed & condition as described.

positive comment by Sydney Y on Oct 2, 2015


positive comment by Robert on Sep 29, 2015

A little dissappointed at the condition of the book.

positive comment by Carole C on Sep 20, 2015

An excellent service; many thanks.

positive comment by Clive W on Sep 15, 2015

speedy despatch thanks

positive comment by Jenny S on Sep 11, 2015

Arrived earlier than expected - great. All family dipping in and out !

positive comment by william on Aug 21, 2015

Great webshop, thanks

positive comment by Brynda L on Aug 18, 2015

Lovely book, in better condition than I expected and quick delivery, thank you

neutral comment by William N on Aug 17, 2015

I had ordered the 3 books in the trilogy Faith/Hope/Charity this being the third. They were sent together, loose, in a polythene transit bag. I was disappointed that I was charged for 3 P&P's.

positive comment by Terry Y on Aug 15, 2015

Very happy. Thank you.

positive comment by Bill P on Aug 15, 2015

Everything went very smoothly. Everything a trade should be.

positive comment by Leif E on Aug 8, 2015

Delivered as promised Thank you

neutral comment by Sarah R on Aug 6, 2015

The book was in very poor condition. It had lots of writing on the pages from a previous owner If this had been made clear I would not have purchased

positive comment by Hennie H.J. t on Aug 6, 2015

Everything ok, except a vaguely damp smell of the book.

negative comment by Ian on Aug 1, 2015

Sent the wrong book, and despite numerous emails never replied!

neutral comment by Fredrik W on Jul 31, 2015

The condition of the book was worse than the description indicated. The description failed to mention all the coffee stains that covered ten of the pages. I would not consider that "usual markings".

positive comment by Clive W on Jul 28, 2015

thanks !

positive comment by Jennifer W on Jul 14, 2015

was absolutely delighted with whole transaction. book arrived promptly and well packaged. book in excellent condition..

positive comment by Christopher E on Jul 13, 2015

Well done.

positive comment by ConstantReader on Jul 9, 2015

happy to get your book

negative comment by lauren plp2 on Jul 6, 2015

I have contacted Hemingway three times through this site to tell them that this book is an abridged edition, not the full version. They have refused to respond. Appalling customer service, plus fraudulent description. Avoid this seller at all costs!

negative comment by Bill on Jul 1, 2015

The condition of the book just received, 'Once there was a war' was described as 'Very good.' I would describe it as 'Poor.' The front cover has a crease, the back cover is buckled, several pages are bent, several pages have damaged corners. A sad copy.

positive comment by Thomas M on Jun 30, 2015

Book arrived on time, condition as described. Would recommend this seller to others.

positive comment by Georgios F on Jun 22, 2015

100% satisfied

positive comment by david on Jun 22, 2015

Arrived quickly. Excellent condition.

positive comment by Marcia G on Jun 12, 2015


positive comment by Michael on Jun 8, 2015

Speedy international delivery to Amsterdam, book as described, price fair. Would do biz again.

positive comment by Alan S on Jun 6, 2015

splendid thanks

positive comment by DAVID S on Jun 2, 2015

A very tidy, clean copy. Thanks.

positive comment by Sally Ann S on May 29, 2015

Wow! This book came from the U.K. It is a very nice hardback library book. I will enjoy it in a special way. The author is British so it is appropriate to have this volume from her country. I recommended this book to people who are caregivers. Sally

positive comment by glennys j on May 29, 2015

Got this for a cousin coming over from Canada, she then goes over to Paris with this book, so thanks Hemingway.

positive comment by Terry D on May 15, 2015


neutral comment by Stanley G on May 10, 2015

The condition of the item received was OK (no complaints whatever, considering the price). However, I don't think that "very good" was warranted. "Good" would have been more accurate, though this is only a personal opinion.

positive comment by Dorset on May 2, 2015

Accurately described and good service.

positive comment by Angela H on Apr 28, 2015

Fascinating book in excellent condition. Exactly as described.Well done

negative comment by Michael N on Apr 27, 2015

Hemingway has many interesting books for sale, but they don't give a toss when it comes to the packaging. Their books are often distributed in thin plastic bags and consequently are not seldom damaged during transit, as the spine of this one.

positive comment by Christopher R on Apr 25, 2015

All Ok and arrived early.

positive comment by danja g on Apr 25, 2015

item as described, wonderful.

positive comment by Sally T on Apr 24, 2015

The book arrived really quickly and was as described.

positive comment by Paul A on Apr 21, 2015

Excellent seller! Book exactly as described, well packed, shipped promptly. I would gladly order again from Hemingway.

positive comment by Colleen V on Apr 19, 2015

Superb transaction. Thanks for everything!

positive comment by william r on Apr 13, 2015


positive comment by EILY B on Apr 13, 2015

All good - the book was in pristine condition, thank you

positive comment by Kevin T on Apr 11, 2015

Very happy!

positive comment by Fred B on Apr 10, 2015

Everything fine

positive comment by Nusenovich N on Apr 7, 2015

Highly recommend.

negative comment by Frank O on Mar 30, 2015

I have not received the correct book from Hemingway. I have contacted Hemingway but not received a reply. I ordered the 8th International Edition of this book and received the Second Edition!! Please contact me to arrange delivery of correct order!

positive comment by Nancy D on Mar 30, 2015

Exactly as described. Thanks!

positive comment by Re W on Mar 27, 2015

hassle free, would use again

positive comment by Julian H on Mar 22, 2015

Very quick dispatch, excellent service.

positive comment by john h on Mar 19, 2015

sorry for any delay in sending a feedback,the book was just as described in listing. the item sent very promptly. many thanks for a pleasant and trouble free transaction and I would be more than be happy to use this seller again.

negative comment by Virginia M on Mar 12, 2015

This book was not in "very good" condition. The spine is damaged, the cover is worn and there are markings on the inside. I would like if one day book sellers were honest in their advertisements.

positive comment by on Mar 11, 2015

Great communication and very prompt delivery. Enjoyed the transaction very much.

positive comment by Simon H on Mar 8, 2015

Totally satisfied. Many thanks

neutral comment by Julie K on Mar 6, 2015

Book was described as being in Very Good Condition. I don't agree - The first cover page is ripped out, the paper covering of the inside jacket (hardback) is ripped at the corner exposing the card. Also no mention that this was a large print book.

positive comment by Gabriele K on Mar 4, 2015

I am happy I was able to obtain this book which has been out of print for a while, thank you.

positive comment by Michael M on Mar 2, 2015

Very satisfied!

positive comment by Joyce C on Feb 24, 2015

great as usual thank you

negative comment by Jean-Michel P on Feb 23, 2015

I ordered two books from two different sellers on the same day. Hemingway's arrived a week later than the other. The packaging is unacceptable: a thin plastic envelope, which means I can't comment on the original condition of the book.

positive comment by Lauren A on Feb 16, 2015

Interesting book

positive comment by SAFTA L on Feb 6, 2015

Thank you very much 111 Liviu Safta

positive comment by Declan W on Feb 6, 2015

Good value, good service, Happy out

positive comment by Leif E on Feb 4, 2015

Delivered as promised Thank you

positive comment by K M on Feb 2, 2015

As described. Good turn around.

positive comment by DAVID S on Jan 31, 2015


positive comment by C Paul F on Jan 30, 2015

Good service.

neutral comment by Ellen B on Jan 29, 2015

The book was in poor condition, when I opened it several pages fell out. It was too expensive considering the quality.

positive comment by Leif E on Jan 26, 2015

Delivered as promised. Thank you.

positive comment by Ruben P on Jan 26, 2015

All very good

positive comment by carolyn m on Jan 25, 2015

Excellent service, will definately recomend and shop again

neutral comment by Paul K on Jan 22, 2015

The book's condition was given as "very good"; in fact, it isn't even "good". It is a heavily used ex-library copy whose cover is "sprained". Also, four pages have had chunks torn out of them. It arrived in only a polythene wrapper without any protection.

positive comment by helen n on Jan 22, 2015

great thanks

positive comment by Harriet H on Jan 22, 2015

book and delivery both fine

positive comment by matthew m on Jan 6, 2015

Prompt delivery and good value, thank you.

positive comment by CARBONE A on Jan 3, 2015

Highly recommended.

positive comment by damien c on Dec 31, 2014

thanks, I was going to Cuba and was lucky to find your book as it has stopped being published.

positive comment by BillT on Dec 16, 2014

As described.

positive comment by Judith K on Dec 11, 2014

Book arrived on time & in condition as described. Thank you.

positive comment by Leif E on Dec 5, 2014

Delivered as promised Thank you

positive comment by DEREK Y on Dec 4, 2014

great deal

positive comment by David T on Nov 29, 2014

Great service and very happy with my purchase

positive comment by BOOKHUNTER on Nov 29, 2014

I read this book and enjoyed it. It is more about success really than luck, but they are related. This is an old book, but if you are collecting books on the subject of luck, this is one for the archives.

positive comment by michael g on Nov 24, 2014

excellent seller, highly recommended.

positive comment by Henry Ako on Nov 24, 2014

The arrived in the defined condition. Highly recommend!

positive comment by woobchax on Nov 11, 2014

everything as expected

positive comment by mfontan on Nov 6, 2014

Thank you very much for a perfect, uneventful transaction. Everything went as promised.

positive comment by TIGER R on Nov 1, 2014

The protection was too insuffficient.

positive comment by John H on Oct 24, 2014

Excellent, thank you.

positive comment by Arthur M on Oct 22, 2014

Nice, usable edition, good bookseller.

positive comment by Philip P on Oct 16, 2014

Perhaps some sort of padding as the plastic envelope does leave it to knocks and scrapes... Thank you.

negative comment by Erica C on Oct 10, 2014

The conditions of the book are very far from the" very good conditions" the seller declared; i wrote them two mails for make them notice this, they never answered. Very bad behaviour

positive comment by Leif E on Oct 7, 2014

Delivered as promised. Thank you.

positive comment by Leif E on Oct 7, 2014

Delivered as promised. Thank you.

positive comment by Abram W on Oct 6, 2014

Good Merchant

positive comment by Peter B on Oct 4, 2014

Great value.

positive comment by Leif E on Oct 3, 2014

While the book is physically intact, the cover is so worn that I will rate it as 'good' rather than 'very good'.

positive comment by Books4All on Oct 2, 2014

No problems at all, thank you.

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