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positive comment by Jose-Ramon A on Dec 15, 2014

Book in VG condition!

positive comment by Lesley L on Dec 13, 2014

I am very happy with this Book Thank You

positive comment by Jan O on Dec 11, 2014

OK !!!

positive comment by Mary L D on Dec 11, 2014


positive comment by Randy H on Dec 9, 2014

always reliable !!

positive comment by Turan Takaoglu on Dec 9, 2014

thank you very much

positive comment by R. R on Dec 8, 2014

Not the cover pictured, but that's fine. Thanks.

positive comment by Julian N on Dec 8, 2014

The book arrived in good condition as described by the seller and was delivered within the expected time frame.

positive comment by Wilson Adolfo G on Dec 8, 2014

Nice item, arrived when expected.

positive comment by Richard Y on Dec 7, 2014

Nicely done. Will visit store again.

neutral comment by Kirsten E on Dec 7, 2014

Page 27-32 are missing, and the pull-out pattern are missing. But the book is so inexpencive, that it would cost too much to return it from Denmark. Better Luck next time. :-) Kirsten Eriksen Denmark.

positive comment by Gillian H on Dec 7, 2014

I have been looking for this book for about 8 years. It is out of print. I was so excited to be able to buy a used copy on this site. It was an excellent price too.

positive comment by TIPPY123 on Dec 7, 2014


negative comment by Douglas B on Dec 5, 2014

You sent me the wrong book. Please send me a copy of my requested book. Or else, give me a refund (plus shipping). Thank you.

negative comment by Aparecida A. S on Dec 5, 2014

Up to now I have not received the book I bought since october 18, 2014. I hope I receive it because I am doing a research and I need it.

positive comment by Derek B on Dec 4, 2014

No padding in packaging, but the price is right -- .99

negative comment by djaffar c on Dec 3, 2014

05 days late .Expected to arrive on 27th November. I have not yet received it. Explain???????? please. Thanks

positive comment by Gail L. C on Dec 3, 2014

Always happy with their service

negative comment by Bernard D on Dec 3, 2014

the book has not arrived as yet

positive comment by Catherine F on Dec 3, 2014

all went well, arrived safely,thanks

positive comment by Jenny on Dec 2, 2014


negative comment by djaffar c on Dec 2, 2014

Expected to be received on 27th novembeer, and I have not yet received it. Retardenesss??????????????????????????

positive comment by Robert K on Dec 1, 2014

Well done! Thank you!

positive comment by Alice N on Dec 1, 2014

Other than the time to get the books to me, I am very pleased with the service... and the shipping is not in anyone's control. Thanks Alice

positive comment by Alan K on Dec 1, 2014


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