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All of the negative comments for Better World Books West appear below:

negative comment by David B on Jul 28, 2016

Very upset! Item billed as "very good...great condition for a used book!" but it's a former library book w/ plastic wrap on covers; sticky labels on cover, spine &inside; & 2 library names stamped within! Intended as a b'day gift but I'm too embarrassed!

negative comment by JoAnn M on Jul 19, 2016

As Of 07/19/2016 I Have Not Received The Book. Do You Have Any Idea When The Book Should Come? It Said That It Was Shipped July5th, 2016. Thanks For Your Time, JoAnn McGinnigle

negative comment by Luporini on Jul 13, 2016

This book was listed as "Very Good. Great condition for a used book." There was a LOT of writing in red ink: on both inside covers and lots of underlining. This book should not have been sold as Very Good; it should have been Fair. I am very unhappy.

negative comment by William M on Jun 17, 2016

Better World Books re-defines the term "slow". Greater 2 weeks between the alleged shipping date and still no delivery! Seriously?! Out of a 7 book order, the two from BWB are still outstanding. Terrible service.

negative comment by Jos B on Jul 17, 2015

I haven't received the book!

negative comment by edward b on Jul 2, 2015

you handled this mishap wonderfully thank you

negative comment by Melissa H on Jun 2, 2015

My order was placed on April 30th with a window of 3-12 days. On June 1st I was advised that the book order was cancelled. It would have been nice to be made aware of this information before I had email regarding delivery.

negative comment by on May 25, 2015

Unless I was blind the Alibris website listed this book as an audio cd rather than a book.

negative comment by Debbie R on May 21, 2015

The book was obviously crushed at some point,had a cut in the front cover,many pages were bent and were all yellowed ,the whole book looked warped! So disappointing!

negative comment by Claire T on May 6, 2015

I enjoyed the book, was startled that it had been passed to alibris, because I have stricken alibris off my list of book stores. I am still waiting for my books,ORDERED. last year. BWB, you can do better.Oh, I wasn't going to rate, but you insisted

negative comment by Diaperdi on Apr 29, 2015

I have not received this book. I did receive the other book I ordered from you.

negative comment by Mary Beth R on Apr 20, 2015

I still have not received this book. Perhaps it will arrive today, but it seems like it has taken a very long time to arrive!

negative comment by Douglas B on Dec 5, 2014

You sent me the wrong book. Please send me a copy of my requested book. Or else, give me a refund (plus shipping). Thank you.

negative comment by Aparecida A. S on Dec 5, 2014

Up to now I have not received the book I bought since october 18, 2014. I hope I receive it because I am doing a research and I need it.

negative comment by djaffar c on Dec 3, 2014

05 days late .Expected to arrive on 27th November. I have not yet received it. Explain???????? please. Thanks

negative comment by Bernard D on Dec 3, 2014

the book has not arrived as yet

negative comment by djaffar c on Dec 2, 2014

Expected to be received on 27th novembeer, and I have not yet received it. Retardenesss??????????????????????????

negative comment by Sally G on Dec 1, 2014

This printing of this book is not the one advertised. I am disappointed with the fact that you shipped an earlier edition and not the one indicated on the website.

negative comment by Mary P on Nov 29, 2014

The book I received was not the one ordered. The book is from 1715 to now . I will be sending it back after the holiday weekend. Package may have suffered from the extreme cold. It was a sealed package that I had to peel off the book.

negative comment by DIANA M C on Nov 27, 2014

Hi I write because it's been two months and still I have not received the book, and I wondered if he was sent what happened. Thank you.

negative comment by Paul M on Nov 27, 2014

The book never arrived. They sent a tracking number and the number does not correspond to anything sent from the post office. According to their tracking service it is "out for delivery" - that was nearly a week ago. Had no idea how lost postmen could get

negative comment by Chris F on Nov 20, 2014

This book's condition was described as good but was poor. This was an order for a pop up book. Half of the pop up pages are broken and ripped. One of the shuttle slides has been ripped out and is completely missing. Took about a month to arrive.

negative comment by Fabio on Nov 17, 2014

I did not receive my order. Where is my book?

negative comment by Daniel R on Oct 9, 2014

The order for multiple books was very poorly packed--just thrown into a box with no filler to prevent movement. As a result the package got crushed during shipping, was marked as damaged, and resulted in books being roughed up.

negative comment by James H on Oct 6, 2014

As of October 6, 2014 I have not received book.

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