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negative comment by John T on Nov 16, 2016

Book delivered was not what was ordered. Author, date of publication, etc. was erroneous. Seller refused contact. Boycott this seller!!!!

negative comment by L.A. S on Nov 13, 2016

I ordered this book on Sept 22 and it was shipped the same day. Unfortunately, it never arrived at its destination! I'm really disappointed for having forked out more than 60 euros in vain for a book which has been on my wish list for a long time...

negative comment by Joao Pedro B on Nov 9, 2016

After two months no book arrived, seller washes his hands and passes responsibilities to Alibris, the latter doesn't respond.

negative comment by Brian J on Nov 6, 2016

Order never received. Multiple e-mails not returned.

This comment was hidden by the seller on October 17, 2016

This comment was hidden by the seller on October 17, 2016

This comment was hidden by the seller on October 17, 2016

positive comment by Judy M on Jul 7, 2016


positive comment by Ted J on Jun 28, 2016

This item was well-packaged and accurately described. The estimated arrival date was June 22 and the actual arrival date was June 28. Thank you.

positive comment by Chris D on Jun 6, 2016

Perfect Transaction - AAA

negative comment by Agnes J on Feb 13, 2016

As of Feb. 13 I have not received this book. What is the problem? Give me the shipping link if you sent it by FedEx or UPS.

positive comment by Lee C on Jan 25, 2016

Excellent, responsive book seller. Wouild not hesitate to buy from 5Boros Books again.

positive comment by Janet H on Jan 19, 2016

Arrived on time- great packaging- condition as described. thank you

positive comment by Susan W on Jan 13, 2016

Transaction entirely satisfactory

This comment was hidden by the seller on January 7, 2016

positive comment by Gerald P on Dec 2, 2015

Professional service in every regard.

neutral comment by MUYIWA O on Nov 2, 2015

Item not the edition sought in my order. Returned several days ago. It's about time you received it and credit my account.

This comment was hidden by the seller on December 13, 2015

positive comment by Carol H on Oct 24, 2015

Packaging was excellent. The book was described as in "Good" condition, but I would consider it in "Very Good" condition!! Pleasantly surprised! Great to find this rare book in such great condition for a very low price.

positive comment by Jose M on Oct 13, 2015

All perfect. Thank you.

This comment was hidden by the seller on October 17, 2015

This comment was hidden by Alibris Customer Service on October 23, 2015

positive comment by Mary M on Oct 7, 2015

Book great,as described.I don't like that individual books are not described--just the general "some have high-lighting or writings, some are ex-library".If I had know this specific copy was ex-library,I wouldn't have bought. Good that it has "withdrawn"

This comment was hidden by the seller on October 17, 2015

positive comment by William F S on Oct 3, 2015

Truly Great book. Beautiful illustrations. Accurate description.Would buy from Seller again.

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