Shostakovich: Prologue to 'Orango'; Symphony No. 4 - Abdiel González (vocals); Adriana Manfredi (vocals); Daniel Chaney (vocals); Eugene Brancoveanu (vocals); Jordan Bisch (bass); Michael Fabiano (vocals); Ryan McKinny (vocals); Timur Bekbosunov (vocals); Todd Strange (vocals); Yulia Van Doren (vocals)

Track Listing
  1. Orango, opera prologue (sketches)
  2. Symphony No. 4 in C minor, Op. 43
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In 2004 musicologist Olga Digonskaya discovered a new Shostakovich work, the Prologue to Orango, what the composer had planned to be a large three act opera, which he never completed due to the hostile political environment. It's not hard to see why he would have abandoned the project in 1932, as the first waves of governmental repression were ...

Shostakovich: Prologue to 'Orango'; Symphony No. 4 2012, Deutsche Grammophon

UPC: 028947902492