Concertos for 4 Violins - Andrea Keller (violin); Anton Steck (violin); Katharina Wolff (violin); Laura Johnson (violin); Manfredo Kraemer (violin);...

Track Listing
  1. Concerto for 4 violins, strings & continuo in A minor
  2. Concerto for 4 violins in G minor, Op. 4/12
  3. Concerto No. 11 for 4 violins in A minor, Op. 7/11
  4. Concerto Grosso in F major, Op. 4/12
  5. Concerto for 4 violins & continuo in D major
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When considering Baroque concertos for multiple instruments -- particularly violins -- Vivaldi is certainly the name that comes most quickly to mind. This album proves, however, that many composers were writing for this medium and doing a magnificent job of it. Despite conductor Reinhard Goebel's stated trepidation about the success of concertos ...

Concertos for 4 Violins 2007, DG Archiv

UPC: 028947767282