Giacomo Carrissimi: Oratorios - Barbara Steude (vocals); Hermann Oswald (vocals); Lautten Compagney; Matthias Gerchen (vocals); Matthias Lutze (vocals);...

Track Listing
  1. Jonas, oratorio for soloists, 5 voices, 2 violins & continuo
  2. Dixit Dominus, motet for soprano, alto, tenor, bass, chorus & continuo
  3. Canzoni et Sonate (1615): Sonata for 8 instruments for two choirs
  4. Magnificat anima mea Dominum, for chorus, 2 violins, viola, cello & continuo
  5. Judicium Extremum, oratorio for 5 soloists, double chorus, 2 violins & continuo
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Coviello Classics' Carissimi: Oratorios features the very capable period ensemble Lautten Compagney under Wolfgang Katschner with a fine chorus, Capella Angelica, in a mixed program of early oratorios by the "father of the oratorio," Giacomo Carissimi. Although these works historically belong to the early Baroque period, they are heavily ...

Giacomo Carrissimi: Oratorios 2006, Coviello Classics

UPC: 675754959821