Neil Rolnick: Digits - Gene Reffkin (drums); Greg Kuhn (electronics); Joel Davel (marimba); Karen Bentley (violin); Kathleen Supove (piano);...

Track Listing
  1. Digits, for piano & computer
  2. Making Light of It, for voice & electronics
  3. A Robert Johnson Sampler, for computer music performance system
  4. Plays Well with Others, for electro-acoustic band
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Pinning down Neil Rolnick to one identifiable musical identity is risky, since he is one of the most versatile of contemporary composers: he freely slips in and out of moods and methods, often with surprising virtuosity and wit, though without overt pastiches or parodies. Instead, the eclectic Rolnick has brought together many elements, most often ...

Neil Rolnick: Digits 2006, Innova

UPC: 726708665623