Ernst Toch: Piano Works - Christian Seibert (piano)

Track Listing
  1. Capriccetti for piano, Op. 36
  2. Kleinstadtbilder, for piano, Op. 49
  3. Sonata for piano, Op. 47
  4. Burlesken for piano, Op. 31
  5. Konzert-Et?den for piano, Op. 55
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Ernst Toch's early piano works are marked by his use of harmony and the way he plays with tonality, more than anything else. The pieces on this disc by Christian Seibert all feature a theme or melody, but Toch frequently changes key or uses more than one key at once to cast a theme in a new light. The resulting music is angular and chromatic, but ...

Ernst Toch: Piano Works 2005, CPO

UPC: 761203992621