Shakuhachi: The Japanese Flute ()


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Shakuhachi: The Japanese Flute - Kohachiro Miyata

Track Listing
  1. Honshirabe
  2. Sanya
  3. Tsuru No Sugomori
  4. Shika No Tone
  5. Akita Sugagaki

This CD is re-release of an LP issued in 1997 by Nonesuch. It is probably one of the most known and most sold shakuhachi records in the West. When one looks around for Japanese music, it may be the one found the most often. K˘hachiro Miyata is considered one of the leading shakuhachi players in Japan, along such musicians as Katsuya Yokoyama, Goro ... Read More

Shakuhachi: The Japanese Flute 1991, Elektra

UPC: 075597207620